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    How to get a "Down" status from a FILE Monitor?

    circa 3000

      Hi all,


      I've created a FILE monitor that checks for the existence of keywords "error" or "warning" in a text logfile generated by a RAID array.  As it stands, the monitor successfully detects those keywords and generates a single notification.  Unfortunately, that's all it does - it sends one notification and the status of the monitor remains "up."  I want this monitor to change its status to "down" when either of those keywords are found.


      Attached is a screen capture of the monitor settings.  I've increased the Accumulated Failures per Alert value to 10 with no change.  I've increased the Maximum Alerts to Send value to 10 with no change.  Unless I'm mistaken, this will only generate additional notifications - it won't change the status of the monitor to "warn" or "down" as is typical with other monitor types.


      Am I missing something?


      Any advice is greatly appreciated.