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    Custom Report - Elements per <customProperty>


      Hi guys,


      Need some help building a SQL query that will display the number of licenses used and sort/group it by a custom property.

      For example; if i'm monitoring nodes and application in site B, i'd like to generate a report that tells me how many licenses it is consting me to monitor everything in site B.

      Everything that could be included such as data based on poller would be great.


      Very doable as all the info is in the DB. I need help building that query, though. Any ideas?


      Here's what i got so far.



      1. Engines.ServerName AS ServerName, Engines.IP AS ServerIP, Engines.LicensedElements AS LicensedElements, Engines.Elements AS Elements, Engines.Nodes AS Nodes, Engines.Interfaces AS Interfaces, Engines.Volumes AS Volumes





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          unfortunately, i don't think it will be that easy.

          If I'm understanding properly, you are not looking for a breakdown by engine, so those fields wont help.

          we'd need to get info from each of the elements tables that count towards licensing and the where clause would tie into the group table or column.

          First, we need to know what elements are [not] counted towards licensing... (i.e. are "unmanaged" interfaces counted on license)?

          The statusinfo table, I think, is commonly used amongst the elements' tables and if you look at that, #9 is unmanaged, but #28 is "not licensed".

          I'm pretty sure unmanaged rows are counted based on some queries I ran and the number of elements on the polling engines page for nodes...


          You'd have to have a custom property on tables: nodes, interfaces, volumes (for NPM licensing) that was set appropriately for every element at site B.  then you'd do a count for each table like:

          select count(*) from nodes where site='B'

          select count(*) from interfaces where site='B'

          select count(*) from volumes where site='B'

          given that "site" is the custom property in each table and 'B' is the value assigned to "site B"


          Someone correct me if I missed something or am wrong...

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            This question came up again today so i figured I might try asking again.

            Any way i can report on elements/licenses used per site?

            If site (Custom Property) is CA, how many elements are then tied to that site?