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    Bandwidth on ATM interface incorrect


      Hi All, n00b here so go easy...


      We have SolarWinds NetPerfMon which has been in place for a while.  Having just upgraded the DSL connection one of our monitored nodes, I noticed that the bandwidth increase on the ATM0 is not showing in Solar Winds.  The bandwidth has gone from 2meg down, 256k up; to 13meg down & 512k up.


      I have looked at the interface settings and can see that a custom value has been set (2meg/256k); however when I untick this custom value & let the software poll for the correct value, the interface shows at 512k up & down.  There is no QoS policy on the router set, or any lockdowns.  I have also noticed that all of our other sites (literally hundreds) have their value input manually!!  The guy who set this up has since left; however we can not work out why the bandwidth would come back incorrect?


      Any suggestions are more than welcome