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    SQL Upgrade Issues/Questions


      I recently upgraded our Orion server from the built-in SQL 2005 Express to SQL Server 2008 R2 x64, but ran into some serious issues that forced me to roll it back. This included certain system and Orion services crashing as well as some slow server and web console performance. Everything I've researched/read says this is possible and supported, but some things about this upgrade path are still murky. I was wondering if anyone has experience/insight into the following;


      1. Is it better to do an in-place upgrade of SQL 2k5 Express? It was noted that SQL 2k8 x64 would be running in SysWOW mode if I did this, which led me to do a separate install of SQL Server 2k8 R2 x64 and then I reconfigured Orion for it.

      2. Should the old Express version be uninstalled post-upgrade?

      3. I'm currently running NPM 10.2.2. and SAM 5.0.0. I upgraded to the most recent version of both after the SQL change. Should this be done prior to changing SQL servers?

      4. Was the x64 version of 2k8 the wrong one? Should I have been using x32 instead? It looks like most of the Orion services, etc runs in 32 bit.

      5. Was I seeing performance issues (General slowness in server and web consoles) because of #4 above?

      6. What would be the proper upgrade path for this scenario?

      7. IS SQL Server 2008 R2 x64 supported? I've seen varying info on this in documentation and the forums.


      Server is an 8 CPU VM with 32 GB of RAM and should have been pretty speedy after these changes, but seemed to be worse. We were looking to move from the Express version since we're starting to hit some of it's natural limitations.