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    Can Storage Manager monitor disk performance/status/health and integrated with NPM?

    Wolfgang Wu

      Dear all,


      I have a case in which customer(in Country A) want to monitor 6 set devices ONLY ( 3 networks device, 2 servers, 1 IBM Storage in Country B)


      I think NPM already covered the networks device.  (up&down, traffic)

      And SAM covered the servers. (svr temperature, HDD)

      Also, these 5 device can show in one page.


      But how about the Storage?

      If added Storage Manager, can it integrated with NPM so that the total 6 set device can show in one page?

      Then,  End User can see

      1.       -The 6 set device Solarwinds Red / Green light for up & down.

      2.        -Click it, then show detail for IBM Storage included each hdd performance/status/health


      I am not sure whether Storage Manager can do it or not, or just use NPM/SAM function is enough.

      anyone can help?