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    can not add data source vcenter5 from solarwinds virtual manager 5 trail


      hi all


      i have problem with adding vcenter 5 to solarwinds vm 5.


      now i can add 2 vcenter version 4.1 to my solarwinds vm5 - user credential domain user ( port tcp 443 )


      when i add one more vcenter 5.0 to my solarwinds vm 5 with the same credential ( using port 443 or 9443 ) -> all fail .


      i were turnoff the firewall in vcenter server nic, i can access webbrowse to vcenter 5 with port 443 & 9443.


      the error message i've received is:

      connection failure. a remote exception occurred connecting to ..... if the problem persists, check the logfile for errors.


      now my solarwinds vm 5 are monitoring vcenter 4.1 very good, but can not add vcenter 5.


      all vcenter and solarwinds server in the same network -> so default gateway is not care in this case.


      help me. pls.










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