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    Alerts & Acknowledgements


      Is the Alerts page the only place on the web console where you can acknowledge alerts, add notes, and be able to see the acknowledgements and notes? There is an Active Alerts resource, but it does not seem to do any of this. All it does is show the alerts, but you can't even tell if an alert has been acknowledged. Is there another resource I can add to our dashboard that would allow all of this?


      One important feature for us is the whole single pane of glass idea, aka a Dashboard. Having to click on a separate link to see and work with active alerts defeats this idea.


      Are there any plans to enhance alert and acknowledgement functionality?

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          Stephen Occhiogrosso

          This is something I am currently looking to do as well.


          I've used SolarWinds at my previous job, and at I am in the process of rolling out SolarWinds at my job and I trying to make a customized one page dashboard for our NOC to run off, to see alarms and Ack them as needed.


          This way we can easily see whats going on, who's working what and what has not been answered.


          Anyone know of a possible work around?