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    Dynamically grouping nodes with no group assigned


      So I created a list of groups based upon region and created sub-groups for sites within each region.  I did this for a couple of reasons...our node list was getting quite large (over 1000 nodes) and people were tired of having to page down through everything.  The second reason was hoping to speed up the initial home load page.


      So I removed the "All nodes" view in favor of the group view.  However, if someone adds a new device tomorrow that isn't based on my queries...where does the node go?  We won't be able to see it until the node is added to a group (unless I am thinking wrong here...).  What I want is to create an "Unknown" group similar to the "All nodes" unknown where if the device isn't part of a group, it is displayed here.  This will essentially alert me that a node is ungrouped and needs to get grouped.


      Anyone have ideas on how to make this work?

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          I don't know how to do that, but you could create a custom SQL Node alert with this condition: "where  not Caption in (SELECT distinct [FullName] FROM [NetPerfMon].[dbo].[ContainerMemberSnapshots] where [EntityDisplayName] = 'Node')"

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            An alternative would be to go back to the All Nodes list and implement custom properties.


            1. Create two custom properties: Region and Site.
            2. Fill in the region/site information for each node (the custom property editor can be used to import a csv to make this quicker).
            3. On the view with the All Nodes resource, edit that resource and for Level 1 group use Region, and Level 2 group use Site.
            4. There is a radio button to place all nodes with null values for the groups into an Unknown group.


            You will have a heirarchy of region -> site -> node and all new devices will appear in Unknown. Unfortunately, you will not get the additional functionality provided by groups.

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                Yeah...I have done something similar in the past.  However, we prefer a dynamic solution instead of something static.  We know device names are deployed correctly with site codes and it would be nice to automatically sort them as we add new devices.


                Maybe if Solarwinds developed a default group option where if the group field is null, place in x group.