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    Monitor APs on WLC 4400 & 5508


      I would like to use ORION NPM to monitor and alert on our wireless access points that are managed by Cisco controllers.


      Currently I am able to monitor the controller (4400) and its associated Thin Access Points and connected clients.  I would like to be able to send an alert when one of the APs goes down.


      I have set up as a test, the "Alert me when a Thin Wireless Access Point goes down" alert with a trigger action to send me an email.


      The trigger condition is "status is equal to down".  The problem I have...i think...is when an AP goes down in our organization the WLC drops it from control and monitoring and when ORION runs the next poll it see the AP as"non-existent" instead of status down.  In other words...after the poll is completed the AP no longer shows in ORION to alert on.


      Has anyone else come across this issue.

      Thanks for your help.



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          You could adjust your alerting logic so that when status is unknown it can trigger an alert.  However the way I monitor my AP's is that I have created an ICMP poller for the IP of each AP in my network which has worked well for me in keeping track of when they go down.

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            I have setup up./down alerts based on traps from the WLC , speciffically AIRESPACE-WIRELESS-MIB:bsnAPDisassociated and AIRESPACE-WIRELESS-MIB:bsnAPAssociated

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              These were both helpful answers and if I need I will fall back to one of these solutions.


              I was hoping that someone is using a Cisco Wireless Controller and is alerting off the Wireless Controller Node in ORION (Specifically Thin Wireless Access Point (Canned alert) status) and has experienced my situation.


              If not I will definitely give these two solutions a shot.

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                This is the answer I received from a Solar Winds engineer/technician:


                "However, there is a workaround for this that after asking an application engineer about this situation... You can set up the alert on the thin APs, to Alert you when the AP status is equal to "Unknown".

                So basically what happens before an AP "Disappears" or gets removed from NPM, for only one polling cycle, the AP will go into an Unknown State. So this gives you enough time to have an alert set to alert you when an AP goes into Unknown. This will only be in Unknown for one polling cycle, so don't put a delay on the alert. Try this out and see if this does the trick for you."

                I have created an alert on this condition and it works like a champ, but it is very limited and not very robust.  It will let me know when an AP drops off the WLC, but it does not alert me when it re-associates back to the WLC.  It seems, if I can get it to work, that Ralphr may have the best answer.  I will be requesting a feature request to make the "out-of-box" alerting/monitoring more robust.

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                  I have been having this issue for about a year and a half now. (http://thwack.solarwinds.com/message/156735#156735) I was hoping with the last release that it would work better but it is still not great.  I too would like to be doing these alreats, but also would like to be able to look at the webpage and see that yes AP*** is down.  What use is a monitoring system that just removes the devices onces it goes down? Imagine Solarwinds doing this with routers and switches they would be out of 95% of environments before their next maintenance renewals.  With 1000 APs monitoring each one on its own is not a good option either, these are DHCP assigned thin APs connecting to a controller and should be monitored as such. 

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                    Any news yet on a better solution. I have this issue with my current NPM Solution and would love to know how to best monitor my thin WAP's.



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                        Just enabled his alert in 11.5 as well.


                        If the WLC goes down you get a down alert for it along with one for each thin AP.  I see that you can alert on "Wireless Controller" in the trigger conditions but I do not see where you can say status='UP' which is what I want to incorporate into my thin AP alert but from what I am seeing you cant select status when alerting on Wireless Controller.  Am I missing something?


                        The alert trigger would read like below...


                        Wireless Access point - Wireless Type Description = Thin

                        Wireless Access Point - Status = Down




                        Wireless Controller = Status = Up