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    STM integration to Orion failing/Node to STM not show


      I have completed the steps to integrate STM to the Orion web page but I am still getting a "IE cannot display webpage".  On the localhost I am just fine...I see the STM.  I have checked with the networking staff and they are not blocking 9000 anywhere.


      Additionally I have added a client to a host but I do not see it showing up in the STM console.  On the node I see from the Kernel log:

      Attempting to send notification to <IP>

      Call to placeTrapOrder ( succeeded.


      Any help on these two questions would be great!!!!

        • Re: STM integration to Orion failing/Node to STM not show


          Confirm the credentials on the Storage Manager configuration page in Orion.

          Login to the Orion server, can you login to Storage Manager via a web browser.

          Try uninstalling and reinstalling the module.


          Agent on host:

          When installing the agent on the host, did you enter the IP or name of the STM server correctly?  Check the config.xml on the agent.

          Try restarting the agent.

          Make sure traps can flow from the agent to the server.


          If none of this works, contact support.