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    Window 7 will not connect to WSUS 3.0 SP2

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      We are just starting to introduce Windows 7 to our production floor and I cannot get our test machine to report to our WSUS 3.0 SP2, on our XP we have exported the registry setting and we import them into the registry, I tried this on the Window 7 machine and the machine Shows up in the WSUS as not reporting and stays that way.

      Does anyone have ideas that I can try.


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          SolarWinds Community Team

          There are several possible causes that would impact a client's ability to report to the WSUS server.

          Since the client does appear in the WSUS group, we can presume that basic connectivity and infrastructure is operational.

          So, the first question is whether the client is attempting a call to the ReportingWebService, and what is happening in response to that attempt. This information can be traced through the WindowsUpdate.log. You should see two log entries similar to these near the bottom of the logfile:

          2011-04-01 11:06:19:724 1608 ce8 Report Uploading 3 events using cached cookie, reporting URL = http://tr-wsus/ReportingWebService/ReportingWebService.asmx
          2011-04-01 11:06:19:740 1608 ce8 Report Reporter successfully uploaded 3 events.

          If the WindowsUpdate.log does not show a call to the ReportingWebService, the next item to determine is whether this client is a Configuration Manager client. If it is, then ConfigMgr controls the reporting functionality of the clients, and that reporting option would need to be enabled in the ConfigMgr console.