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    Patching Office Products


      What is the easiest way to include Microsoft Office products in the Windows Update Scan?


      There seems to be a lot on deploying office, but not much on the patching side.

      I figure since the Office updates are part of the WSUS updates, then they should show up on the scan, however I do not see them.



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          If I perform update management (in planning mode) and use the microsoft site for scanning, I see all the missing office patches... I have them set to download them in both WSUS and Patch Manager side, but the Computer Management, Windows Update Scan does not show them.

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            Lawrence Garvin

            Whenever Patch Manager is used to initiate an update scan, it is the WIndows Update Agent that performs that scan, and it performs the scan according to how the client is configured. Microsoft Update is an opt-in service that contains application patches -- as noted earlier in this thread. This option is off by default on all Windows systems and must be enabled. It can be enabled via Group Policy.


            When the WUAgent scans the WSUS server, this option is irrelevant, as the scan is always based on what content is synchronized to the WSUS server, but when teh scan is performed against Microsoft (WU/MU), then  the behavior is dependent upon the client configuration -- if MU is not opted-in, then only OS updates will appear in the scan results, as noted in the thread.


            The best information source is to go to the Control Panel Windows Update applet and select the "Updates: frequently asked questions" link from the navigation list on the left side of the dialog.


            In addition, I'm going to explore whether there might be something we can do in Patch Manager to better convey the configuration state of the client system.