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    Top XX by node (versus entire report) in report writer


      I consider myself something of an experienced report writer user, though I have been trying unsuccessfully to find a way of limiting the number of results in a report on a per node basis. For example, I want to create a Netflow report that shows the top 5 receivers per node for a specific group of nodes within our NPM database.


      I can set it to pull, say, 50 Netflow receivers total and then it'll spread them across that specific group of nodes (twelve on this node, three on that, none on these five, etc.), but I cannot find a way to set the top 5 per node (and sixty total, for example, if I have 12 nodes).


      If anyone has any insight on a) if this can be done and, if so, b) how, I would appreciate it.


      P.S. First time post here, so my apologies if this is in the wrong place.