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    Linking IPAM subnets to custom fields


      Hi there,


      I'd like to suggest (and get feedback from other users) about adding a feature to link IPAM subnets to custom fields.  Basically, I'd like to see the ability to add a subnet that is linked to another subnet and displayed either as a custom field or as a column in the IP address view.


      For example, for anyone who uses NAT to translate internal addresses to public IP's,  imagine being able to link your internal addresses to the external addresses and being able to edit both within IPAM with one change.   You could select your External IP address subnet, and view your external addresses with a column that shows what server it corresponds to on the inside.  Similarly, you could select your internal subnet, and see what external address each IP is assigned externally.


      I use NAT extensively in my environment, from our public IP's, to various BP assigned ranges.  At any time I can be managing up to 10 different addresses for a single internal host.  The benefit I see from linking subnets together is to reduce the number of touch points you have to use to keep the data up to date, while at the same time providing a single point of view for viewing and tracking of the addresses that are of different outside your scan-able networks.


      I'm already using custom fields in conjunction with separate subnets to track usage and assignments.  I also have reports that can show me all the particular NAT's assigned to a host.  It would just be nice to have it brought together.