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    95th Percentile Report website errors


      I have a variation of the 95th percentile report that is used for displaying the 95th percentile of a specific type of interface on a certain node for the past 30 days.  The report will run fine in Report Writer but when trying to run the report from the website it errors out due to what I can see is "Invalid column name 'Maxbps_In95'."  I can provide the full error if needed.  Below is the SQL for this report.


      DECLARE @StartDate DateTime

      DECLARE @EndDate DateTime


      SET @StartDate = CAST((ROUND(CAST(GetDate() - 30 AS FLOAT), 0, 1)) as datetime)

      SET @EndDate = GetDate()



      Nodes.Caption AS NodeName,

      Interfaces.InterfaceName AS Interface_Name,



      FROM Nodes

      INNER JOIN Interfaces

          ON (Nodes.NodeID = Interfaces.NodeID)


      INNER JOIN   


          SELECT InterfaceID, dbo.GetInBps95th(AA.InterfaceID, @StartDate, @EndDate) AS Maxbps_In95

          FROM (

              SELECT DISTINCT A.InterfaceID

              FROM dbo.InterfaceTraffic A

              WHERE A.DateTime >= @StartDate AND A.DateTime <=  @EndDate

          ) AS AA

      ) as RESULT_IN

          ON (dbo.Interfaces.InterfaceID = RESULT_IN.InterfaceID)


      WHERE Interfaces.InterfaceType = 129 AND Nodes.NodeID = 122


      ORDER BY Maxbps_In95 DESC



      I just recently upgraded Orion to v10.3 and this report worked from the website prior to the upgrade.  Can anyone see any errors in the SQL that would prevent the report from running from the website but still work through Report Writer?