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    LEM IIS Tool Not Started




      Stupid question...  We built a Tool Profile for a few of our Web servers to pull in the IIS logs.  We went to look for some logs and there wasn't anything.  The tool profile looks to be correct.  When I go to Manage Nodes and edit the Tools on the server in question, I see the normal event log stuff started but the IIS Tool is stopped.  How do I get it started?




      Edit: Wow...  I got it working.  In the file path, there was on one slash "\" in each level of the file path and we needed 2. "\\"  It seems to be pulling in data now.   Will it go back and grab the old files?


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          nicole pauls

          With the IIS connectors, you can have it go back and read old files by pointing it at an old file, not just the directory itself. Word of caution, though, it will read every file up to the current file, so it may duplicate data if you've had it on. Otherwise, all connectors read from now-forward to keep it safe.