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    adding a custom poller true/false status to Node details page


      We are monitoring our APC batteries for several metrics. One I am having difficulty with is the battery replacement indicator.


      I have a poller that successfully polls OID (upsAdvBatteryReplaceIndicator) to display the battery status. It returns one of two values noBatteryNeedsReplacing (1) or BatteryNeedsReplacing (2).


      Everything works great. I detect the status change, my advanced alert triggers,etc. However I cant get the status to show up on the node page. It only wants to allow me to post the values as a radial gauge or a table, etc. (and throws the error "No pollers assigned or no statistic results. Click edit button to change universal device poller assignment!")


      How would I get it to display on the node page as a true/false value? (green dot vs red dot similar to the node status entry)


      We also want to do the same type of alert on the node screen for whether the UPS is running on batteries. (we currently check the tick counter for (upsBasicBatteryTimeOnBattery) and any value >3000 triggers an alert)


      Any ideas?

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          I'm just working on my APC UPS's and whilst I haven't looked at the BatteryReplaceIndicator, I probably should.


          I've been looking at OID (upsBasicStateOutputState), a 64 bit value but only then first 32 significant bits are used (see listing below) where each bit represents a specific status - for example the 5 most significant bit is for "Replace Battery".


          My issue  is that enumeration doesn't work well with 2^32 combinations. The best way would be to set this value to "Text" and then use  transformation to abstract each value.  But there's really no comprehensive documentation (at least I can't find it if there is) as to what functions generally, and string functions in particular, are available.

          I'm raising a third party support call, so if I get a solution I'll post back here.






          OID (upsBasicStateOutputState)


          An ASCII string containing the 64 flags representing
          the current state(s) of the UPS. If the Network Card
          is unable to determine the state of the UPS , this
          variable is set to 'UNKNOWN'.

          The flags are numbered 1 to 64 , read from left to
          right. The flags are defined as follows:

          Flag 1: Abnormal Condition Present
          Flag 2: On Battery
          Flag 3: Low Battery
          Flag 4: On Line

          Flag 5: Replace Battery
          Flag 6: Serial Communication Established
          Flag 7: AVR Boost Active*
          Flag 8: AVR Trim Active*

          Flag 9: Overload
          Flag 10: Runtime Calibration
          Flag 11: Batteries Discharged
          Flag 12: Manual Bypass

          Flag 13: Software Bypass
          Flag 14: In Bypass due to Internal Fault
          Flag 15: In Bypass due to Supply Failure*
          Flag 16: In Bypass due to Fan Failure*

          Flag 17: Sleeping on a Timer
          Flag 18: Sleeping until Utility Power Returns
          Flag 19: On
          Flag 20: Rebooting

          Flag 21: Battery Communication Lost*
          Flag 22: Graceful Shutdown Initiated
          Flag 23: Smart Boost or Smart Trim Fault*
          Flag 24: Bad Output Voltage*

          Flag 25: Battery Charger Failure*
          Flag 26: High Battery Temperature
          Flag 27: Self Test In Progress
          Flag 28: Low Battery / On Battery

          Flag 29: Graceful Shutdown Issued by Upstream Device
          Flag 30: Graceful Shutdown Issued by Downstream Device
          Flag 31: No Batteries Attached*
          Flag 32: Synchronized command is in progress

          Flag 33 - 64 <Not Used>