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    Issues with SWToolSet and "Right Click"


      Hello I am having issues after installing SWToolSet where when I do a "Right Click" on the node the box shows up empty and outside of the browser window. Has anyone heard of this happening before?

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          I assume you have an issue with browser integration between Orion and Toolset, is that correct? What is the version of Toolset you use? Starting version 10.7, the browser integration is provided via JavaScript rather than ActiveX. You should have the following started on the client machine with Toolset.


          1) SWBrowserIntegration service

          2) Toolset Integration Tray Application


          The service is most likely running, the application needs to be started manually (you can trigger automatic start with Windows in its context menu on the notification icon in system tray). Once it is started, refresh the Orion website in browser and test it again.

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              The version is I figured out what was wrong by accident. I was trying to do a ping test yesterday for another issue and noticed I did not have rights which I am suposed to have. I added my account to the local admin group and when I right clicked today to answer your question it worked fine. However another issue arrises. It still pops up outside of the browser. I did some messing arround and I noticed it only does that if the browser is on the other screen (dual screen). Do you know how to force it to stay in the browser regardless of which screen the browser is on?


              Edit: This was two separate issues that I initially thought was one. See helpful answers for second solution.