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    Just getting started with NPM - Dependencies-Alerting


      Got to a customer. they have SolarWinds and I am on a crash course to learn it.  They have started SolarWinds install and have discovered Nodes.  Installed are:

      NPM 10.3

      SAM 5.0.1

      IPSLAMGR 3.5.1

      NTA 3.8

      IVIM 1.3


      Currently we are getting alot of alerts - Remote router goes down, alert for router, switch, endpoints.

      I have read Thack and watched webcasts, but maybe I am not seeing the forest for the trees.


      Basically what I am working with is (approx 60 sites)

      HE Router > MPLS, Frame, or Internet > FE Router or 881 > Remote Switches > Remote Devices


      I have read many examples but not sure which direction to take.  I have setup a Custom Property indicating which city the remote device is tied to.  I have also read about using Custom Property set to different Tier levels.

      Do I set up multiple Parent Child dependencies?

      Parent HE Router > Child FE Router WAN interface

      Parent FE Router > Child Remote Switches

      Parent Remote Switches > Child Remote Devices.


      Looking for any suggestions to get started and create a standard for each site (and future sites).