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    New Java Upgrades are fully installing


      My testing is showing that the new Java upgrades (7u5 and 6u33) are fulling installing when not present previously on the system, specifically:

      6u33x86 update does a full install

      7u5x86 update does a full install

      7u5x64 update does a full install

      It would appear that Applicability rules are all looking at the same java.dll file and installing if it is less than version 6.0.330.3 and respectively.  To me this means that if that java.dll is anything less than 6.0.330.3 both will be installed.  I am not super familiar with java.  Is this by design?




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          David Di Blasio

          You are right on track. Java is designed to allow both versions 6 and 7 to live on the same machine concurrently to provide compatibility with certain software. Approving 7u4 against a machine that is running 6u33 would result in the installation of 7u4.

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              understood.  thank you.  wondering if these could be set to minor impact and never reboots?  do you ever test out the extremely useful minor impact option?

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                  Lawrence Garvin

                  Greetings Mark.

                  The Impact="Minor" setting is an authoritative statement that the update will never require a system restart and will never require a service restart.

                  Since we explicitly terminate one or more Java services in order to install the Java updates, our update package is not suitable for classification as "Minor".


                  The Reboot Behavior setting in the package definition is informational only, for display in the console, and has no impact whatsoever on how the Windows Update Agent actually behaves.

                  That value is set to "Can Request Reboot", because we cannot authoritatively determine that a system will never require a reboot or will always require a reboot.

                  The authoritative setting for how the WUAgent handles system restarts is determined by the Pending Reboot Result Code(s) that is defined on the installation file screen of the Package Wizard.