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    Wireless access notifications


      Hello people ,


      Is there anyway to get Solarwinds to alert of unsuccessful wireless access attempts ?  Using Cisco 1131 & 3502 AP s on standalone mode.  Just need to have a way to monitor any brute force attacks , unauthorized access attempts etc...




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          I use SNMP traps with a vbscript.  First, you have to send authentication traps from your wireless access points to the Trap server.  Unfortunately, you you can only use v2c, as v3 traps don't work yet (I was told it'll be "fixed" in the next release of NPM).  Add a rule for the authentication.  It should look something like this:



          The source address should be your Solarwinds server.  The condition tab should look like this:




          Then, set your Alert Action to execute an external VB Script.  When you set up the script, make sure you pass the trap message.  The dialog box should look like this:



          It should point to the fully qualified file name.


          I have attached the script I use.  You will need to edit the settings for the smtp server, the originator of the email, and the recipients.


          Good Luck!