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    NCM licence sizes to match NPM?


      Given how NCM is now much more closely integrated with the Orion products (particularly NPM), would it make sense for SolarWinds to make the NCM licence sizes align with the NPM licence sizes?


      In my situation, we have NPM 250 and NCM 200. As we are pushing Configuration Management a lot harder at present, and given NCM can give some information on Windows Servers (software installed, etc) it would help me push the software more if I could add all my Windows Servers into NCM. However, my total number of devices falls between the 200 of NCM and the 250 of NPM, so I need to play around to get this to work; hence it would make my life so much easier if the NCM licence were increased to 250!


      I know things can get a little icky given teh way SAM increases the number of nodes you can monitor; but in most cases I would think the end user would want a similar sized NPM and NCM capacity!