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    WMI Connection always "Access Denied"

    SolarWinds Community Team


      Hey all,

      I'm sure I'm missing something here, but thus far I just can't find out what it is.

      We're just getting going with this, and have Patch Manager installed on our WSUS server. For the most part, things are working. Third party updates download and seem to apply for the most part.

      However, trying to do an inventory check, or a Detect Now from the server, always comes back with an Access Denied error when trying to establish a connection to WMI. On every system.

      Workstations are Windows 7 Pro. Workgroup only (no AD here). Each system has an admin account set up with the same password. I have set up that user in the credential ring (as .\username), with the appropriate password. The credential ring is set up to use this username for the appropriate workgroups.

      I've made the needed DCOM firewall rules on the systems (as well as completely disabled it for testing). I've also given SERVICE full access under COM Security.

      Is there a step I'm missing that will allow the server to establish a WMI connection? Everything else is successful.