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    Copy and Register OCX File

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      Good Morning,

      I have been tasked with copying and registering an ocx file on a group of machines. Using another product in the past, I would deploy a batch file to copy the file from a share that all users have access to and register. I have attempted to use iexpress to create an exe containing the batch file but I have not been able to get it to work successfully on its own. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks.

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          Lawrence Garvin

          Possibly this issue is related to security contexts and what the WUAgent may or may not be able to do in regard to running the script file embedded in your EXXE file. Conventionally, the OCX would be bundled into a standard installer, as you might see with the Flash Active X installer.


          Another way you can approach this is rather than trying to run the script as part of the bundled EXE, use PackageBoot to run the script in a postexecution <program> element, and leave the EXE just as tool to transport and unpack the OCX file.


          Detailed information on using PackageBoot is available in the Local Publishing Administration Guide.