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    Help Creating Automation Servers

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      When running the Eminentware installation to create some automation servers on my downstream WSUS server I am prompted to enter the SQL database name, should this be the same database instance that is used by the Primary Application Server or does each Eminentware server require it's own database instance.

      Any guidance on this would be greatly appreciated.

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          Each Patch Manager server requires it's own instance of SQL Server. For an Automation Role server this will be a very light duty instance, and it's fine to install the included SQL 2005 Express Edition on your existing WSUS server for the Automation Role.

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              Thanks for the reply it was very helpful.

              I am now having a different problem, I have installed the automation server software on my downstream WSUS servers but each server in the eminentware console has the following error logged in the Enterprise>Update Services screen: -

              Failed to send partitioned task to automation server <Automation Server Name>. Reason: Communication failure. The authentication service is unknown. Details: dgsrpcinterface::smartbind() failed.

              Can you shed any light on what I not configured on my servers

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                  There are a couple of things that could contribute to this error.

                  First step is to inspect the EminentWare Servers node and verify that the automation servers are listed and that they do reflect membership in a management group.

                  If the Management Group column is empty, you'll need to run the EminentWare Server Wizard and assign the automation server(s) to a management group.

                  If the Automation Role server is not listed, that would indicate a failure in the server registration that occurs at the conclusion of the installation. The setuphelper.exe utility (documented in the Deployment Guide) can be used to manually initiate a re-registration attempt, or you can simply uninstall and reinstall the server and let it re-attempt the registration automatically.

                  If these two options do not resolve the issue, you may wish to open a support ticket in the SolarWinds Customer Portal.

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