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    Eminentware - update scheduling for specific group at specific time

    SolarWinds Community Team


      Hi All,

      I have used eminentware some time ago and i am now at a company which i think it could be usefull for them to purchase. i recall the Expert of wsus advise me to look at this product as i had issue i could resolve with scripts and end up wasting to much time trying to fix where the was this product that actually works and fixes all issue's i hadI cannot recall how to go about scheduling updates with eminentware. This is my scenerio. I have already approved updates to be installed but i want the approved updates only to install on selects Staging groups. I want to schedule it to run every monday at 1am  with eminentware.  I know one can run update wizard to download and install approved updates and it will run immediately.

      what i what is is similar. I want to to download and install approved updates at a scheduled time(eg every monday 1pm and/ everyday 1am) for specific groups. Can you please guide me do do this?


      Scenerio of groups.

      1) Desktops Staging

      2) Laptop Staging






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