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    Adobe 10.1.3

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      Hi Everyone, Im having an issue with installing acrobat 10.1.3 update on my client machines. This is what I have noticed:

      1) If Acrobat is the base version 10.0.0 i can update to 10.1.3 without any other patches installed.

      2) If Acrobat is any other version (eg: 10.1.0 or 10.1.1) it will update to 10.1.2 but will not update to 10.1.3. (windows reports as no updates needed) and WSUS reports and not applicable.


      Has anyone else had this issue or can someone point me in the right direction? Please be aware I have just started using the patch manager software...so far so good!

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          As has been the case since Reader v9.4, Adobe Reader updates are applicable only to the current version. The Reader 10.1.3 update applies only to Reader 10.1.x systems.

          We have not yet observed the behavior that you describe in #2, but that's certainly possible. The Adode Reader 10.1.3 update package from the Adobe Systems Inc, Packages node is a product of Adobe, and issues with the behavior of that package should be brought to the attention of Adobe. There were similar defects in the Reader 10.1.2 package, so I'm not particularly surprised by this.

          It may also be that the 10.1.3 package is purely incremental and will only install to a 10.1.2 system. What is the status of the 10.1.3 update package on machines with 10.1.2 installed?

          As an alternative, you can use the Adobe Reader 10.1.3 Full Installation package available in the SolarWinds catalog. You'll find this in the Adobe Packages node of your console. In addition to working properly (we have tested it), it can also be used to upgrade any of your Reader X installations.