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    EminentWare Compuer Groups vs. WSUS Computer Group

    SolarWinds Community Team



      I need to apply a 3rd party patch to a subset of machines within a WSUS computer group (a large one).  I would like to run the report which shows me the computers needing the update, and transfer those machines to a WSUS group, and gradually add groups of machines to this group which has the approved update (I do not want to apply this update to the whole org, yet).  I see where I can change EminentWare Compuer Groups for a batch of machines after running a query, but not WSUS groups.  Approvals are governed by WSUS groups and not EminentWare Groups, unless I’m missing an option?
      My report is identifying the machines by software name and IP address (IP address giving me their physical locations, which drives the roll-out timeline).

      I’ve done testing on the patch with a few vm’s, but I also want to do this roll-out slowly to see how it affects multiple user machines, over a few days.  Having them in a spate WSUS group will allow me to keep them isolated, and allow for easy identification and removal of the patch, should problems arise.  Once I catch these machines up to the rest of the org., I can roll them back into the larger WSUS group.

      Am I approaching this the wrong way or missing any EminentWare options which would make this possible/easier?

      Thank you.