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    Inventory Question

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      Good Day,

      I have configured inventory to run off hours daily throughout our domain. However, we have a large number of remote workers utilizing a VPN and their machines are not always available at these off hours. So, I am considering running a supplemnetal inventory by OU once weekly during business hours in an attempt to get caught up with any machines not available during the daily inventory. As you can imagine, this brings up the concern of taxing our network. So I would like to get a little more detail on the actual inventory process. The accuracy of the reporting data is key for us.

      Is the inventory run only on a certain number of machines at a time? Or does it try to touch all machines at once. Is this configurable?

      Can you offer any other recommnedations?


      Thank you.

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          The number of simultaneously connected machines for an Inventory task is driven by the configuration settings on the Automation Role server(s) that are deployed. In a single-server implementation the built-in Automation Role server is limited to 16 threads per task -- which typically translates to about a dozen simultaneous connections. The number of threads in the pool is user configurable -- on Automation Server Settings tab of Eminentware Servers node -- so you can decrease or increase this to manage the number of simultaneous connections.

          In addition, you can also throttle the task by bandwidth utilization. Launch the EminentWare Server Wizard from the EminentWare Servers node, and the second screen allows you to engage bandwidth throttling for all connections to/from the selected Patch Manager server.