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    Google Chrome 18.0.1025.142

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      Hi Guys,


      Having some issues on a few of our machines. When trying to publish Googel Chrome 18.0.1025.142 to certain PC's works fine on others. Error I'm getting


      Update not applicable. Unable to find the Update by ID to perform the requested operation. The update may not be applicable for the selected computer

      Result Code: 0x80240003

      I know the update is applicable as it's the full install. Even when I change the Applicabillity rules to just say (if any of the following processor = x86) it won't work

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          Generally, the error message received “Update not applicable. Unable to find the Update by ID…” occurs in one of three scenarios:

          1. The update is actually NotApplicable to the target system. If the update was reported as “NotInstalled”, then look at the Last Reported Time for the target system. The applicability of the update may have changed between the time the state was last reported and the installation was attempted. Run a DetectNow on the target client, wait 30 minutes, and refresh the WSUS node and update list node in the console, to see if the reported state changes.
          2. The update is not Approved for a target group containing the target system(s). If the update is approved for "Group X", is the the target machine actually checking that group for approvals? If the client system was recently assigned to that group using server-side targeting, it may be that the client still has the original target group cached in the client cookie. Use the Windows Update Agent Maintenance & Repair tool to run a Resetauthorization – which will allow the client to update the new group membership(s).

          3. The update is not available on the WSUS server assigned to that client. This is seen when downstream servers are involved. The update is published to the upstream server, but it does not get to the downstream server until the downstream server performs its regularly scheduled synchronization and completes the transfer of any file content for approved updates. The client of a downstream server cannot see the update as available until after synchronization and file transfer are completed. If an attempt to install is made before that sync/transfer completes, the client will not be able to see the update as available.

          Usually the best way to get immediate diagnostics is to run the Computer Explorer | Windows Update Scan against the target client. If the update is seen as applicable, it will be listed in the result set, along with the current approval and installation state. If the update is not listed, it is either NotApplicable, or not available on the assigned WSUS server.

          For additional assistance with detection of the pre-packaged Chrome 18 update, please open a ticket on the SolarWinds Customer Portal; however, please note that customer support cannot assist you with customized packages.