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    Missing Certificate already Created and Distributed

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      Good morning all,

      Our scenario is three server Windows 2003 Operating System:

      1 Server for Server System

      1 Server for Client System

      1 Server for Eminentware Software

      All tthe system worked perfectly for many month but from Thursday the eminentware server cant publish anymore any packages

      to any of the WSUS server because there is an issue bute Certificate.

      I tryed the verification tools and eminentware reply there is no valid Certificate for both server, but when i check all certificate with

      the console of Windows 2003, all certificate still valid and placed in right position.

      Nothing appaned to group policy, firewall, ip, proxy or other communication system between server.


      What can i do? i don want to regenerate e new certificate because i have many serve in DMZ and it is very difficult to redistribuite them..


      thank you very much nfor all your reply


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          If the certificate has only "gone missing" from the EminentWare server, and the certificate(s) are still valid on the WSUS server(s), there shouldn't be any need to create a new certificate, or any need to redistribute the certificate(s) to the client systems. It appears the issue is solely with the certificate on the EminentWare server.

          It would be helpful to see the exact text displayed on the Server Pubishing Verification Wizard with respect to the EminentWare server; however, you may also simply run the Server Publishing Setup Wizard for your WSUS server(s) and re-distribute the certificate only to the EminentWare server. If that task is not successful, we'll also want to see the detailed results reported from that task.

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              SolarWinds Community Team


              Good Morning Lawrence,

              i am trying right now "server Publishing Verification Wizard" on both wsus servers and eminentware gave me this error " The selected WSUS server does not have a signing certificate for publishing provisioned. The verification process cannot continue". I checked the certificate and on both servers are still valid and ok.

              Trying tu publish a new package gave me "The selected WSUS Server has not been provisioned for publishing. The WSUS Provisioning Wizard will now be run to enable publishing." i pressede ok and eminentware give me a new window named "Provision WSUS Server For Publishing Wizard" i selected in the drop dwon list the right WSUS Server and in subject i see Server not provisioned...


              Now what can i do?

              Thank you very much...


              PS: minentware is the last versione released.