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    Postexecution ?

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      Hi all,

      I'm currently testing the eminentware solution.

      I create a custom package of Firefox 10.0.2 and i want to execute a script after the firefox installation.

      The script is called by an autoit exe file.

      So i check use the package boot helper program and include my files :

      - post_script.exe (call .vbs)

      - post_script.vbs (delete firefox.lnk on the public desktop)

      Here my packageboot.xml, :

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
      <packageboot version="" id="8e283f7d-cca2-4d4d-90b5-bedf5f27d90d">
              <program type="exe" typeaction="runandwait" name="Firefox Setup 10.0.2.exe" successcode="0" failureaction="stop" enabled="true">-ms</program>
              <program type="exe" operation="runandwait" name="post_script.exe" successcode="0" failureaction="stop" enabled="true">


      After the update, firefox is installed but the postexecution don't work.

      I tried with an other exe but without results.

      Can you help me with this ?


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          SolarWinds Community Team


          The <postexecution><programs><program> element needs to have a pathtype= and a path= attribute specified.

          Also, verify that the Firefox Setup 10.0.2.exe is returning only the '0' successcode in all instances. If the installer is generating a Reboot Required state, it will return the '3010' successcode, and you will need to explicitly define that in the <execution><programs><program> element, or else the failureaction="stop" attribute will prevent the execution of the entire <postexecution> block.