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    Unable to publish patch.

    SolarWinds Community Team


      Last week i was able to publish patches and all of a sudden i am seeing this error when publishing..

      Operation Result:    Failure
      Object Name:    Google Chrome 17.0.963.78
      Details:    Access to the path 'D:\Program Files\EminentWare\Server\data\auto\c618b613-b3cc-486f-8797-b6ed24bedef7\attachments\27ce3127-c1df-443f-b416-163e1f7d1432' is denied. The physical folder represented by the item could not be created. Type: Xceed.FileSystem.DiskFolder FullName: D:\Program Files\EminentWare\Server\data\auto\c618b613-b3cc-486f-8797-b6ed24bedef7\attachments\27ce3127-c1df-443f-b416-163e1f7d1432\
      Completion Time:    3/12/2012 6:50:09 AM

      Anyone seen this before? Thanks.