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    Exception Occurred at dd/MM/yyyy hh:mm:ss: InvalidNamespace Invalid Namespace

    SolarWinds Community Team


      I have been trying to install clients on a couple of clients but without luck, this error keeps showing


      Although we successfully connected to <PC Name>, we were unable to retrieve the requested information from WMI. There are several reasons this may happen:

      1) The credential used to connect Domain\User does not have administrative access.

      2) The computer has Network Access: Sharing and Security for local accounts set to 'Guest Only'.

      3) The current firewall exceptions do not include the 'Remote Administration' exception for requests from Automation Server: (ServerName).

      4) The computer does not allow for remote DCOM connections or the permissions for the DCOM activation and launch do not grant the user Domain\User access.


      5) The computer doesnt have the required EminentWare WMI Providers installed and the EminentWare system is not configured to automatically install the providers as needed.



      I have checked the setting as per the post below and it is enabled


      I need to know what is the problem, how to troubleshoot it? are there any log files with more information?


      Thanks in advance,

      Ibrahim Najjar