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    Third Party Updates Configuration Wizard Fails

    SolarWinds Community Team


      We just upgraded to the lastest version of SolarWinds Patch Manager ( so that we could take advantage of the 3rd Party Updates Pack which, per communications from SolarWinds, we are now entitled. The upgrade went fine and when I select View Product Licensing from the console I can see that we are indeed licensed for the Third Party Update Pack. However, when I run the Third Party Updates Configuration Wizard I'm getting errors stating that the vendor catalogs cound not be downloaded because access is denied. Here is the detail I get from the failed update synchronization:

      Name:    EminentWare Update Catalog
      Result:    Failed
      Started:    2/23/2012 10:32:14 AM
      Finished:    2/23/2012 10:32:31 AM
      Type:    Manual
      Message:    Although the catalog (EminentWare Update Catalog) was successfully downloaded, the catalog could not be read. Reason: Access is denied Stack Trace: at Microsoft.UpdateServices.Internal.UtilClassFactory.CreateInstance(Type type, Object[] args) at Microsoft.UpdateServices.Internal.SetupInfo.GetInstallDirectory() at Microsoft.UpdateServices.Administration.Internal.UpdateServicesPackage.Verify(String packageFile) at Microsoft.UpdateServices.Administration.Internal.UpdateServicesPackage.Save(String packageFile) at Microsoft.UpdateServices.Administration.Internal.UpdateServicesPackage.Verify() at Microsoft.UpdateServices.Administration.Internal.UpdateServicesPackage..ctor(IXPathNavigable sdpNavigator, Boolean validateXml) at Microsoft.UpdateServices.Administration.SoftwareDistributionPackage..ctor(IXPathNavigable sdpNode) at EminentWare.BusinessObjectLayer.SoftwarePackage.Catalog.Read(String fqpathtofile) at EminentWare.DataGridServer.Executive.DownloadManager.ProcessCatalog(DownloadRequest downloadrequest, EminentWareUpdateSynchronizationSettings settings, SortedList`2 incomingvendors)
      New Updates:    0
      Revised Updates:    0
      ID:    a5bff589-de88-4822-ae92-f8fa0c006707
      Expired Updates:    0
      New Security Updates:    0
      New Critical Updates:    0
      Expired Security Updates:    0
      Expired Critical Updates:    0
      Revised Security Updates:    0
      Revised Critical Updates:    0
      Products with Security Updates:   
      Products with Critical Updates:   
      Has Changes:    False

      Any ideas as to why this might be happening?