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    Very slow to refresh

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      We have a fresh install and about 170 computers. When I go to view the list or computers or updates, it takes a long time to finally populate the window.


      When using WSUS console:


      6502 of 7009 shown

      19 seconds



      168 of 168 shown

      2 seconds


      When using EminentWare console:


      Do not get a list, error box opens letting me know it has timed out.



      1 minute


      Any ideas?

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          SolarWinds Community Team


          This will be slower in the EminentWare console due to the additional details pulled for each update. 8500 updates should populate in 30 seconds or so on a Quad Core with 2 GB of ram and healthy disk I/O. We do not recommend that EminentWare be installed on the WSUS Server because you will likely see performance issues. It also depends on what tasks or processes are currently running on the machine. Other factors that may slow this down would be slow disk I/O in a virtualized environment.