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    Upgrading to include SCCM Extension Pack and 3rd Party Updates pack

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      I am thinking of upgrading our current setup, which is a WSUS server with WSUS Extension Pack installed on another server, to now fully incorporate the SCCM Extension pack and 3rd Party Updates.

      What steps do I need to take to complete this?

      I am assuming I need to build a SCCM server with it's own SQL instance, but how do I go about incorporating the SCCM and 3rd Party patching components. Do they get installed on the current EminentWare server and utilise the same SQL database? ( oh and how do I go about moving the SQL database to a remote server now that is supported?), is it a simple case of installing the packs over what is already there, or is it more involved?


      Can I use the 3rd Party Updates Pack without utilising the SCCM Extension Pack? We will still want to use WSUS to flood out patches to all PCs, we only use EminentWare to patch our servers as it gives us more control. So if we can use the third party updates pack to download ready to deploy patches to incorporate into WSUS, do we need to use the SCCM part? Using WSUS Extensions to target those patches to the servers.




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          To be candid, the first step in this process is to thoroughly research the requirements for implementing Configuration Manager, the effort that will be required to build out that implementation, and the significant differences in the update management process between WSUS (native) and Configuration Manager.

          If you choose to implement the Configuration Manager Software Updates mechanisms, then you will have some minor changes to be made in the Extension Pack. Once the Configuration Manager environment is implemented and operational, the Extension Pack changes are relatively trivial.

          1. Register your Site Server(s) with the Extension Pack.

          2. Register your Software Update Point with the Extension Pack.

          3. Publish updates to the Software Update Point, which is done in exactly the same manner as you have been publishing to your WSUS (native) server.

          If you choose to continue doing update management with the WSUS (native) environment, not with Configuration Manager, then there are no changes required.

          You cannot use the 3rd Party Updates Pack without the Extension Pack. The Extension Pack provides the infrastructure necessary to make use of the 3rd Party Updates Pack.