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    Eminentware Reporting Configurations

    SolarWinds Community Team

      To whom it may concern:

      We have recently purchased a license for your product, and while Eminentware seems to have addressed many of the issues we had with the WSUS solution we were using, I have run into a snag on the reporting functions of Eminentware, which was one of the major reasons we purchased your product. After deployment, one of the first things I experimented with was the reporting functions. As you may be aware, since we are an electric utility, we are governed by NERC Critical Infrastructure protection (CIP) standards. These standards dictate that we must demonstrate compliance with their standards, and one of the important aspects that Federal auditors require is that we be able to show that not only are we approving and applying security patches, etc. but that we can also show the timeline for these events to further demonstrate our 30-day window for patch evaluation, testing and compliance. An example of such a report I need is below:

      Computer name

      Update desc.


      Date released

      Approval Group

      Admin Name

      Patch Inst. Date & Time


      Windows Update



      All Computers


      1/22/2012  3:30:30PM


      Of course, this is just a rough example, but you can see where I am going; my problem is that I have tried to stumble through the reporting functions in Emiinentware to create just such a report, and am not getting anywhere. There is a lot of good information there, but whether I try to create a report, or modify and existing one, I keep getting errors stating that I am trying to obtain information from multiple data sources, and that this would result in a “cross-join” condition. While visiting your website, I have tried to find some manual or document that went into your reporting functions in detail, but have had no luck. If you can please help me with this matter, I would greatly appreciate it.