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    Help with Inventory Task

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      I need some help with setting up an invetory task. When I set up the task, I cannot select the 'All Computers in the selected EminentWare Computer Group' option. Also the 'All computers in the selected workgroup' and 'Organizational Unit' are grayed out. I can check the radio button for the EminentWare group, but cannot select the browse button. I don't want to inventory my whole domain, only computers in my Computer Group or from a specific OU. How can I accomplish this?

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          Greetings Gene

          EminentWare Computer Groups are all user-defined. Generally speaking there is no "All Computers" group in the EminentWare Computer Groups collection. If you wish to target a task to the WSUS "All Computers" group, that can be done. The various options on the task targeting dialog are context sensitive according to the type of task being created. This may also be a reflection of whether you have a domain or workgroup registered in the Managed Enterprise management group as a managed object. If there aren't any registered domains or workgroups, you will not be able to target a task to those objects.

          To target a Managed Computer Inventory task to an Organizational Unit or WSUS Target Group, there are two methods you can use:

          1. Create the Managed Computer Inventory task from the Managed Enterprise node and target it to the DOMAIN, and then edit the task in Scheduled Tasks by selecting Properties and changing the target from the domain to your desired orgUnit or WSUS Target Group.

          2. Create a Quick Inventory task by right clicking on the desired orgUnit or WSUS Target Group from the Navigation Pane and selecting the Inventory option from the context menu.

          For additional assistance with creating a Managed Computer Inventory task or for additional assistance with selecting appropriate target containers please send an email and a Customer Support Representative can set up a GoToMeeting session with you and assist you with your objectives.