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    Help with generating reports that are emailed every day.

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      Is it possible to have Eminentware generate a report of what systems need what updates?  i would like to have this report emailed out on a regular basis, say once a day or once a week.  i have not been able to find a report that does this, and when i did attempt to have a report emailed to a group of users once a week, it only went to one address.  Any help would be appreciated!

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          Hi bloomyleo,

          One of the first steps you’ll need to do (if you haven’t already) is to schedule a recurring WSUS Inventory.  If you currently have one scheduled, it would show under Scheduled Tasks. Once a WSUS Inventory has been run once, you can run reports under WSUS Reports -> Windows Server Update Services Update Analytics.   The “Computer Update Status Approved Updates Not Installed” report is probably a good place to start.   One thing to remember:  if you modify one of the existing reports or create your own from scratch, be sure to select the fields from the same datasource as the other fields.   “Crossing” datasources can provide unreliable information and/or unexpected results. 


          I’d recommend reviewing section 5.4 of our Administration Guide for more information on reporting.

          You’ll also need to specify details for your SMTP server to send out emails if you haven’t yet.  This is done under EminentWare System Configuration -> EminentWare Servers -> Application Servers -> [select your application server in the upper middle pane] -> Application Server Settings tab.

          Once you've configured your email setup there, there is an option in the right-hand Actions pane to "Emaill Configuration Test".  It allows you to specify one or more users to receive a test email to make sure the SMTP is set up properly.  If you specify mulitple addresses there and that fails, but specifying a single address works, please shoot us a mail and we can schedule a Go To Meeting to investigate further.