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    Updates from Eminentware Computer Group

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      I have a scenario I am looking to see is possible within the extension pack..


      I have Patch X to be deployed across 100 assets within one of my Eminentware Computer Groups, I create a task to run once and attempt to deploy across these assets. When the task completes 50 assets could not be deployed to as they where offline. 

      I want to re run the same task the next day to retry for any of the 50 assets that may be back on the network, is the product intelligent enough to only attempt on the 50 assets it failed on the first time or will it attempt to connect to all 100 in the computer group?


      Or is there another way around this? basically I dont want to have to remove assets from the computer group if they have already been deployed to only to deploy to those that havent had the update since the last run..


      Thanks Jason

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          Hi Jayse24,

          It will connect to all 100 if you deploy it to the same EminentWare Computer Group.  However, if the rules are properly configured for the package, the WUA on the 50 that already have it should evaluate the update as either Installed or Not Applicable.  So, there might be some traffic/connection to those machines, but they shouldn't have the update reinstall.

          Another Option: A new Update Management task can be launched from results dialogs.  In the Task History item for the previous deployment, go to the Details tab and sort or group so that you can multi-select the computers that were previously offline, then right-click that selection and choose "Update Management".  You would then need to click "Select Updates" and choose the particular update you want to deploy.