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    Reporting... different fields for "same" value?

    SolarWinds Community Team


      I'm trying to build a pretty simple report based off the canned report under Windows Server Update Services Analyrics. It's the "Computer Update Status" report: I simply want to add a column which shows the release date of the update.


      However, when I do this, everything just breaks. I'll get either 8 million records, an error saying that "CreationDate" doesn't exist, or one saying that the temporary database file is too large... or even worse, the report will process forever.

      I just want a report that looks like this:

      Update Title, Computer Name, Updation Installation State, Release Date

      Basically, whenever I add a "Release Date" column, it also gives multiple release dates for each update, resulting in.. let's see, the report I just ran generated TWELVE MILLION Rows.