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    Eminentware sccm extension pack

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      We just changed from the wsus extension pack and I would like some advice.  We have WSUS installed on our sccm server.  We have 1 primary server and 4 distribution points.  I am trying to make a decison about the sccm extension pack installation.  I am considering installing it on the sccm server where wsus is installed so that it is all on the same server.  Are there any issues created by doing this or does it really need to be on its own server?

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          The EminentWare System Center Configuration Manager Extension Pack need not (and in this case likely should not) be installed on the same server as the Site Server and Software Update Point.  As noted in section 2.2.a of the Deployment Guide, the recommended basic deployment is to place the Extension Pack environment on a dedicated server. 

          For your environment, with several thousand nodes, this is especially true and we'd strongly recommend keeping the EP separate for performance reasons.