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    Trial user: Viewing ConfigMgr Extension Pack from remote Console

    SolarWinds Community Team



      As a trial user, I have installed a remote Console to use to interact with the Primary Application Server.  However, I do not see the System Center Configuration Manager Extension Pack in the remote console (even though I specified I was interested in a trial of that product when i installed the PAS (Primary Application Server).



      At the moment, the console-only installation does not create the proper registry key to enable the user to view the Configuration Manager nodes in a trial version.



      We anticipate that this will be fixed in an upcoming release of our product, but in the interim, trial users can activate the Configuration Manager Node on a remote Console-only installation by adding the Multi-String Value noted below:


      Under this key:



      Add this Multi-String Value (REG_MULTI_SZ)



      Then edit that value and add one (or both) of the following lines, depending on your the products you wish to trial: