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    Packageboot log files?

    SolarWinds Community Team


      I recently copied the Java 6 Update 26 (x86 upgrade) package and modified the packageboot.xml file to run 2 .exe's after installation - one .exe is present in a file path on the system, the other .exe I have included with the package.

      The java update appears to install but the 2 .exe's are not running as evidenced by the fact that the setting and reg entries that they are supposed to modify respectively are not being updated.

      Is there a specific log file I can check to see what might be happening and what the packageboot.exe program is doing once it hits these 2 executable lines in the packageboot.xml file?

      Here is the post-execution XML section in our file:












      <program type="exe"typeaction="runandwait"name="ssvagent.exe"pathtype="simplepath"path="%programfiles%\Java\jre\bin"successcode="0"failureaction="stop"enabled="true"> -high -jpisetup -old </program>




      <program type="exe"typeaction="runandwait"name="java_update.exe"successcode="0"failureaction="stop"enabled="true"> </program>











      <service name="someservice"action="start"failureaction="continue"enabled="false"/>