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    Using packageboot to run command line

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      After installing Java 6 update 26 we want to run the following command to turn off the next generation plug-in:


      “C:\Program Files\Java\jre\bin\ssvagent.exe" -high -jpisetup -old

      How can this be accomplished?  Do I need to put the command inside a batch file and execute it using the packageboot?  The instructions in the XML only make reference to .exe's that you include with the package itself.



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          In the Local Publishing Administration Guide, you'll find this documentation:


          The postexecution phase provides for two types of declarations: <programs> and <services> to identify programs to be executed and services to be stopped or started. The attributes for the <program> and <service> elements of the postexecution phase include all of the attributes defined for these elements in the preexecution phase. Additionally, the <program> element of the postexecution phase provides four additional attributes: path, pathtype, regpath, and regvalue to specify the execution of a program file contained elsewhere in the filesystem. The pathtype attribute can have one of two values: "simplepath" where the path attribute specifies a complete pathname, with or without the use of environment variables; and regprependpath, which makes use of the regpath and regvalue to identify the location of the program executable.

          So, the appropriate syntax for your example would be:

              <program type="exe" typeaction="runandwait" name="ssvagent.exe" pathtype="simplepath" path="%programfiles%\Java\jre\bin" successcode="0" failureaction="stop" enabled="true">
                  -high -jpisetup -old