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    Couple of Questions

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      1. Is it possible to run a report against a selection of patches to determine the amount of disk space required to install those patches? If so can someone describe how to create that report, or if someone already has that template could they make it available please?


      2. Does "Run in Planning Mode" mean that it will run the deployment task without actually downloading and installing any patches? And what data does it report back?


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          Hi UKTonyK,

          No, I am not aware of any fields that could be used to calculate total update size for a given selection of updates.

          Yes, Planning Mode allows the execution of an update management task without actually installing any updates.  This allows you to perform a 'what-if' analysis that shows what updates would be installed based on the rules and options selected.   The task will show up in Task History where one can review the Details tab to see a list of the Operations that would be performed and the results expected.  Some examples:

          " The update 'UpdateName'  for IE 8 for windows 2008 (KBxxxxxx) with classification 'Security Updates' and ID 'updateID' with revision ID '102' was requested for install is already installed. "

          or ..."was requested for install  would be attempted to be installed."

          or, in some cases, would just show "No applicable updates were matched."