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    Window 7 in a workgroup

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      I use a local account (.\Username) that is a member of the admistrator group on the local computer to connect my computers a workgroup.   This will not work on Windows 7, I think it has to do with the fact that when you logon to a Window 7 computer with a local account you have to put COMPUTERNAME\Username.  How do I put this into my credential ring so the it will take it and is there a way to do it without putting each computer name in for each.


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          We're not aware of any limitations in the Windows 7 environment that precludes the use of the .\Administrator wildcard syntax to identify the use of the local machine Administrator account. The dot causes the machinename to be substituted. One item of interest would be to confirm that the machine name identified with that computer record is the actual machine name. A scenario that occurs somewhat often has to do with the Extension Pack having stale IP Address information for a client. If the DHCP leases are particularly short, and a client has not been contacted, or reported, in some time, it is possible that the client now has a different DHCP-issued IP Address, and the Extension Pack is simply connecting to the wrong machine, and thus using the wrong machine\administrator account to authenticate.