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    Push update to VPN box?

    SolarWinds Community Team

      Is there anyway to push an update to a VPN box for download, then tell the VPN box to install the pushed update on the clients computers? 

      We have many remote locations through the US, each with their own VPN boxes.  If we were able to push the update to the VPN box and then out to the computers, it would cut down on network usage and download/install time for the updates. 

      If this is not an option, is there a way to put it as a future feature request?

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          SolarWinds Community Team


          If the VPN client system is actively connected to the network and you have the requisite routing paths in place to support initiating a connection to that VPN client, then you can use the Extension Pack to deploy updates to the VPN clients in exactly the same manner you would deploy to a LAN-connected system.

          For roaming clients that do not have connectivity, we have an optional agent that is currently in development, designed to support these type of client-disconnected scenarios.

          In the specific scenario you mention, the "VPN Server" does not participate in the deployment process, but installation of a WSUS replica server and an Extension Pack Automation Role service on the "VPN Server" can achieve that objective.