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    Custom Node Detail View for specific node vendor


      Is it possible to develop a custom Nodes Detail view (make a copy of default Nodes Detail and tweak it) and have it automatically open when you select a certain type of node?


      For example, if a user clicks on a Cisco node they would only see resources applicable to that type of node. Or if you click on a NetBotz environmental monitor it would not display things like disk volume, tabular poller resources, etc. These would still show for other node types though.


      I was thinking node limitation but that would only limit what could be seen not what view would see it.


      Just asking....

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          This can easily be accomplished by setting the specific node detail view by device type on the administration page.  Go to Views > Views by Device Type.  On that page you can see the different device types in your network, and can select a corresponding view to assign to each type.  I have different node details views for firewalls, routers, switches, servers, etc.  It works great.